Brunette Wendi Meece swimsuite poolside pictures

Meet Wendi Meece, a 24 years model which had been modeling for the past 5 years. However, Wendi actually started off by doing beauty pageants, and not modeling. These pageants consisted of many different rounds, one of which was “Most Photogenic”. Modeling has actually become a lifestyle for her now and there’s nowhere else she’s rather be than in front of the camera. Wendi Meece have accomplished almost all of her “modeling goals” just this year. She have been in commercials, in magazines, on the cover of magazines, in calendars, and on the cover of calendars, she have won bikini contests, and just shot for a billboard! Now Wendi Meece is wearing USA bikini and is shooting by the pool! Come and see for yourself this busty model with cute face, long haired, green eyes and adorable body!Hot brunette teen Wendi Meece free pictures from Sexy Babes

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